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segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

beck #2

melhor que as couves, são as conversas irrelevantes do beck, ou não tivesse ele convidado o tom waits para a sessão inaugural. a ler aqui a primeira parte.

"BH: I was born in the McArthur park area.
TW: You remember when they drained McArthur Park, the lake?
BH: I do, yeah...
TW: They found unbelievable things: Cars, human bones, weaponry.
BH: They should have done an exhibit.
TW: I don't know why they didn't. I thought that's why they drained it.
BH: I'd always heard that when they drained the Echo Park Lake they found an amateur submarine.
TW: Oh, my God.BH: I don't know if that was lore.TW: You mean a homemade submarine?
BH: Yeah, I think it was older too, from the early days of "home submarine building." I don't know if that subculture still exists?
TW: That was the East Kids."

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